Publications (selected)

  • D. Rettke, J. Doring, S. Martin, T. Venus, I. Estrela-Lopis, S. Schmidt, K. Ostermann, and T. Pompe. Picomolar glyphosate sensitivity of an optical particle-based sensor utilizing biomimetic interaction principles. Biosens Bioelectron 165:112262 (2020). Link
  • F. Ullm, P. Riedl, A. Machado de Amorim, A. Patzschke, R. Weiß, S. Hauschildt, K. Franke, U. Anderegg, T. Pompe. 3D Scaffold-Based Macrophage Fibroblast Coculture Model Reveals IL-10 Dependence of Wound Resolution Phase. Advanced Biosystems 4:1900220 (2019). Open Access Link
  • M. Ansorge, T. Pompe. Systems for localized release to mimic paracrine cell communication in vitro. J Control Release 278:24-36 (2018). Link
  • J. Sapudom, T. Pompe. Biomimetic tumor microenvironments based on collagen matrices. Biomater Sci 6:2009-24 (2018). Link
  • J. Sapudom, J. Waschke, K. Franke, M. Hlawitschka, and T. Pompe. Quantitative label-free single cell tracking in 3D biomimetic matrices. Sci Rep 7:14135 (2017). Open Access Link
  • S. Martin, H. Wang, L. Hartmann, T. Pompe, and S. Schmidt. Quantification of protein-materials interaction by soft colloidal probe spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics : PCCP 17:3014-18 (2015). Open Access Link
  • T. Pompe, M. Kaufmann, M. Kasimir, S. Johne, S. Glorius, L. Renner, M. Bobeth, W. Pompe, and C. Werner. Friction controled traction forces in cell adhesion. Biophys J 101:1863-70 (2011). Open Access Link
  • T. Pompe, S. Zschoche, N. Herold, K. Salchert, M. F. Gouzy, C. Sperling, and C. Werner. Maleic anhydride copolymers-a versatile platform for molecular biosurface engineering. Biomacromolecules 4:1072-79 (2003). Link
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New Paper on Soft Colloidal Probe Based Glyphosat Biosensor


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New Paper on Role of Hyaluronan in Melanoma Progression


Together with collaborators we published a paper in Biomaterials Science. We show by in vitro results that not the amount of hyaluronan but its low...

New Paper on 3D Matrix-Based Macrophage-Fibroblast Coculture


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