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Chemical peptide modification in GPCR signaling

Peptides have a high potential as pharmaceuticals as they can target protein-protein interactions in more specific manner compared to small molecules. Chemical modification by coupling „unnatural“ entities to the peptide aids in stabilization, resorption and distribution of peptide pharmaceuticals in the organism. However, these modifications also influence the pharmacological effects of a peptide ligand at its target molecule. For instance, we found, that PEGylation could effectively bias the signaling of a peptidic GPCR balanced agonist towards G-protein signaling, while lipidation led to higher arrestin recruitment and internalization of the same ligand. Inducing specific signaling pathways over others has the advantage, that a potential peptide drug shows less side effects and targets only the pathway needed for treating the respective pathology. In our research, we aim to find structural requirements for the ligand receptor interaction, that lead to the induction of different signaling pathways. Recently, we showed that carboranylation could induce arrestin recruitment in a short neuropeptide Y analogue, that on its own produced only G-protein signaling. This points to the existence of a binding pocket in the target receptor, that is responsible for arrestin-mediated signaling. In order to investigate this, we employ chemical synthesis and modification of peptide GPCR ligands, structural investigations of our ligand at the receptor as well as computational methods for modeling ligand binding pockets. That way, we hope to elucidate rational ways on how to design ligands for peptide GPCRs with specific signaling outcome.



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